Mission Statement

As end-of-life Doulas, it is our goal to engage with our clients,
to help clarify their values,wishes and beliefs.

To support them in developing an end-of-life plan that honours these values.
We will hold space for those nearing end of life and their loved ones,
to offer non-judgemental support, a listening ear, a helping hand,
and a compassionate heart.

We are blessed to have this career path appear in our lives
and we are honoured to help serve those on their end-of-life journey
while creating a safe and supportive environment for them
and their loved ones to express themselves.

It is truly an honour to be of service at this vulnerable yet empowering time.

About Us

Welcome… Thank you for visiting our website
and for your interest in our Doula services.
Let us tell you a little about ourselves, how we found our calling
and why we chose to become certified End of Life Doulas.

       My name is Desiree Lodge. I am a wife, mother, grandmother (aka Omi) and legal assistant whose always had a passion for helping others. My journey towards becoming an End-of-Life Doula began approximately thirteen years ago, although I didn’t realize it at the time.
   I first took on the roll of caregiver for my mother-in-law who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia. Fast forward a few years, my mother who had been living on her own had a serious fall which led to a diagnosis of lung cancer, she was given only a few months to live.
   Two months after her admission to hospital my father-in-law would then suffer a severe stroke, leaving him unable to speak and partially paralyzed. A few years later my own father was diagnosed with cancer that had metastasized to his brain, his decline was rapid and passing quick, we were all in shock.
   I have walked this journey with my parents and siblings and understand the grief that goes along with it, the physical and emotional toll it can take on families and caregivers, not just at the end, but also in the beginning when there is a diagnosis of a terminal illness.
   Whether in hospitals, retirement, long-term care homes or in private homes, individuals and their loved ones are facing the end of life without the required emotional support, guidance, companionship, and knowledge about end-of-life processes.
   Hospice can only work to the best of its ability. More is needed. It is this type of support that provides emotional strength, alleviates fear, and has the capability to add great meaning and significance to the end of one’s life.
   I am here to serve you and your loved ones as life comes to an end.

       My Name is Robert Grabarczyk, I am a husband, father of an amazing 1-year-old son, and a Heavy Equipment Operator / Demolition Labourer. It has always been my nature to care and nurture people even when I was young.
   One of the requirements to graduating high school was to have 40 hours of volunteer work in our community. I chose to volunteer in a long-term care home in the activities department. I enjoyed my inter-action with the residents so much I volunteered well over the required 40-hours and then applied for a part-time job as a dietary aide.
   In addition to my part-time job, I chose a job for my co-op placement in a retirement home in town. I enjoyed listening to the stories residents would tell me about their lives, reading to them, engaging them in the activities offered at the home, seeing the smiles on their faces when I would arrive to take them to the activities. It was very rewarding.
   When my mother told me that she was going to become an End-Of-Life-Doula, I decided to team up with her so that we could help more people within our community. The last few years during the pandemic have been eye-opening and so many families have suffered loss, people have died alone and the stress on our healthcare workers has been extreme.
   I have walked this journey with family members. I have watched my mother become a primary caregiver to my grandparents and saw the emotional and physical toll it took on her and I know the grief that comes with losing a loved one.
   Becoming an End-Of-Life Doula will allow me to provide emotional, non-judgemental support, compassion, companionship, respite for caregivers and family members and help advocate for those who are dying to ensure their values and wishes are heard so they can experience a “good death”.
   I am honoured to be of service during a vulnerable and emotional time.

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