Cora Epping, Karl Epping & Hildegard Epping

One of things that a person in long-term-care endures is loneliness and being alone for a large portion of each day. Mealtimes or personal care are necessary care, but it is not friendship. My aunt Hildegard had the best, cheerful, and hilarious laugh… a naturally happy and joyful person. Alzheimer’s slowly took her memories, and a broken hip took her ability to move about. Desiree had been companions with another client at long-term-care. We saw her kindness and her dedication to offer choices in simple activities, such as going outside for fresh air, playing card games and reading aloud.
Our goals were simple for Hildegard…get her out of room and make her laugh. Friendship is a great thing. Even though Alzheimer’s had taken away so much. Hildegard was happy singing old songs or doing silly paint by numbers or children’s art projects. The colour blue was apparently delightful. The simple things usually are.
Desiree would send photos of the two of them working on an art project. I would laugh out loud. Hildegard would be laughing and Desiree would be covered in glue and ink. Now that’s dedication!

Thank you Desiree…you are awesome! XOXO

Alanna Angus-Coles, Bob Coles

Bob & I are so very pleased to be part of Desiree’s Certification. We have had the benefit of her skills, empathy, and knowledge, she has demonstrated to us for several years. As we have aged, Desiree always gave us encouragement over time to age gracefully.
In preparation to locate to a long-term care facility, Desiree’s caring and kind words gave us much comfort. Upon accepting a long-term care residence, Desiree made personal time to assist us with disposing and packing our belongings and delivering them to our new home, all the while continuing with health care necessities.

We trust Desiree will extend the same care to others on her journey as an End-of-Life Doula.

Kevin & Terri Wood

Desiree has cared for our disabled son regularly for the past five years. She is a fierce and loyal advocate and friend to both our son and to us. Always encouraging, kind and compassionate, I don’t know how we would have managed without her.
Desiree’s willingness to be flexible with her duties and her time, as his needs change, has allowed us to have a more relaxed approach to our son’s circumstances (8 years in long-term-care, age 36).

We appreciate her very much!

Shirley Treveld

Desiree Lodge cared for my dear stepfather in his last days. She was always so kind, supportive and caring for him. She also was very helpful to the rest of the family as she took such good care of him.

It took a lot of pressure off us.

The Oram Family

There really aren’t words to describe the role Desiree played in the final year/days of my mom’s life. She was an incredibly attentive and loving companion and ensured she was always cared for. Desiree helped us stay connected with mom when we were unable to be there physically, which gave us peace of mind. The compassion and selflessness she exudes is very hard to come by. She has such a genuine disposition and truly loved my Mom.
She was also an incredible support system to my siblings and I as well. She always had an open heart for us to confide in. In the final days before moms passing, she was there by our side and held a vigil in her honour.
Desiree’s emotional support was what helped us through this dark time. It has been 3 years since my mom passed and she still offers us love and support. Words cannot describe our gratitude for Desiree and the role she played in our lives.

We are forever grateful for her.

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